Greenman Forge 

     Run by myself  Jeff Wiggins and my  wife Euphemia.

Growing up in Wharfedale with the river Wharfe just a few feet from the garden i spent most of my early life out in the countryside Hunting and Fishing helping out on farms and learning Bushcraft and survival skills. 

I then decided that school was not for me and started working full time on the farm when i was 12. It was here that i learned how to weld and do forge work.( it was here were i made my first Knife ) the farm then started to branch out in to forestry and on the quieter day's around the farm i would feed up early and go to work in the wood's learning how to care for and manage woodland's.

Then at 16 i joined the Marines ( my dream for as long as i can remember )  but due to  injury  found myself back in civvy street .

I was then offered a job working as a gamekeeper here i was able to use all my skills to run the 6000 acre shoot  and use my Bushcraft skills to live day to day. 

after a few years as a gamekeeper the job ended and I then started working for a engineering firm here i met a old Blacksmith and after showing him some of my knives he was impressed with my knowledge and skill and showed me how he learned  to make blades.  I then started  making more knives but found i was not allowed  to sell them on ebay  so i sold them to the betters and lad's on the different shoot's i helped out on. I then made walking stick's and sold them on ebay . After starting on Facebook with my walking sticks and put a few knives on to test the water and it went mad i now  make knives full time . I make every knife myself from cutting the blanks to heat treating and making the sheath every step is made by my hand using the knowledge and skill acquired from living and working in the countryside